We have 3 hangars at our Istanbul Airport Facilities. The construction of 4 hangars continues. Our hangars, which have already been completed and put into service, have a total indoor area of ​​86,969 m², and 6 wide and 10 narrow body aircraft can be serviced simultaneously in our hangars.

With the general administration building, training building and MRO complex to be completed, our hangars, which will have a total indoor area of ​​800,000 m², will be able to provide maintenance services to 15 wide and 18 narrow body aircraft at the same time.

Sustainability & Environmentalism: Our C/D hangars, which meet their water needs by using rain water through cisterns, also meet their energy needs from solar energy. Thanks to the semi-permeable polycarbonate panels used in the hangar pockets, our hangars, which allow the use of sunlight for a longer period of time, allow the maintenance and repair activities to be carried out flawlessly, while also protecting the environment we live in.

Our Facilities at Istanbul Airport have been registered with the LEED Certificate by the U.S. Green Building Council.